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Best 25-mile Times
Men 2018

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The fastest 25-mile rides by members of South DC clubs on South DC courses.
during 2018

Lewis KeightleyPrimera-Teamjobs51:57P413/2529 Apr
Charlie Mitchella3crg52:06P612/2513 May
Matthew BuckleyAndover Whs52:38P612/2513 May
Sam WadsleyPrimera-Teamjobs52:54P413/2529 Apr
Steven PinkPoole Whs54:35P413/2529 Apr
Andy RivettVC St Raphael54:51P612/2513 May
Richard SmithArmy CU54:51P612/2513 May
Greg ParkerCC Weymouth55:01P413/2529 Apr
Kevin BakerAndover Whs55:14P612/2513 May
Brendan ReeseArmy CU55:25P612/2513 May
Adrian MurrayBournemouth Jubilee Whs55:35P413/2529 Apr
Simon HealeyAndover Whs56:00P612/2513 May
Jon BrumfieldCC Weymouth56:08P413/2529 Apr
Paul SandersAndover Whs56:23P612/2513 May
Richard HamiltonSarum Velo56:36P413/2529 Apr
Max WebberAndover Whs56:41P612/2513 May
Matt DixonSotonia CC56:52P413/2529 Apr
Tony GreenNew Forest CC57:18P413/2529 Apr
Richard PorterCC Weymouth57:36P413/2529 Apr
Barrie WatkinsonBournemouth Arrow CC57:48P413/2529 Apr
Luke RendellPoole Whs57:55P612/2513 May
Bryce RiglarCC Weymouth57:57P413/2529 Apr
Mike NaullsVC Venta58:03P612/2513 May
Neil AdlemAndover Whs58:10P612/2513 May
Paul MorrisFareham Whs58:48P413/2529 Apr
Peter HattVC St Raphael58:54P413/2529 Apr
Graham HarmanSotonia CC58:57P413/2529 Apr
Julia CookeSotonia CC58:57P612/2513 May
Ray ClaridgeNew Forest CC59:00P413/2529 Apr
David ButtCC Weymouth59:27P413/2529 Apr
Jerry Bromyarda3crg1:00:52P612/2513 May
Ben FerrisAndover Whs1:01:02P612/2513 May
Jase CakebreadChristchurch BC1:01:05P413/2529 Apr
Terry IckePoole Whs1:01:34P413/2529 Apr
Pete WilsonBournemouth Arrow CC1:02:03P612/2513 May
Tim CrumptonVC St Raphael1:02:10P413/2529 Apr
Andrew MayfieldBournemouth Arrow CC1:02:41P612/2513 May
Matt BlytheBournemouth Arrow CC1:03:17P413/2529 Apr
Alan EmmottFareham Whs1:03:36P413/2529 Apr
Webber ForbesAndover Whs1:03:39P612/2513 May
Stuart ThompsonVC St Raphael1:04:10P413/2529 Apr
Evan Jardine-SkinnerSotonia CC1:04:14P612/2513 May
Martin BealeVC St Raphael1:04:25P413/2529 Apr
Ian HatchSotonia CC1:04:29P612/2513 May
Richard WyethTornado Road CC1:04:31P413/2529 Apr
Jamie SusansAndover Whs1:06:14P612/2513 May
Neil DybleBournemouth Arrow CC1:06:29P413/2529 Apr
Colin WhiteBournemouth Jubilee Whs1:07:06P413/2529 Apr
Karl BrooksAndover Whs1:07:16P612/2513 May
Gordon ScottCC Weymouth1:07:29P413/2529 Apr
Thomas PiloniBournemouth Jubilee Whs1:08:38P413/2529 Apr
Adrian WatkinsTornado Road CC1:08:47P413/2529 Apr
Ian HaydenTornado Road CC1:10:32P413/2529 Apr
Martin Whittya3crg1:11:28P612/2513 May
Martin DaviesSouthampton Tri Club1:13:15P413/2529 Apr
Chris SummersSotonia CC1:15:51P612/2513 May
Norman HarveySotonia CC1:21:28P612/2513 May

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