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30 December 2018

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Best 30-mile Times
Men 2018

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The fastest 30-mile rides by members of South DC clubs on South DC courses.
during 2018

Matthew BuckleyAndover Whs1:05:02P612/30R17 Jun
Simon HealeyAndover Whs1:07:12P612/30R17 Jun
Kevin BakerAndover Whs1:08:08P612/30R17 Jun
Nigel PrattAndover Whs1:10:55P612/30R17 Jun
William SawyerAndover Whs1:13:19P612/30R17 Jun
Pete HarrisAndover Whs1:13:33P612/30R17 Jun
David WestSalisbury Road & Mountain CC1:15:13P612/30R17 Jun

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