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Best 10-mile Times
Men 2019

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The fastest 10 mile rides by members of South DC clubs on South DC courses.
during 2019

Nick TarmeyVC Venta19:42P88115 May
Matthew BuckleyAndover Whs19:44P88111 May
James MapleyBlazing Saddles19:50P88115 May
Ben Williamsi-team.cc20:00P88115 May
Howard BayleyBlazing Saddles20:04P88115 May
Simon BerognaVC St Raphael20:11P88111 May
James FoxVC Venta20:14P88111 May
Andy LangdownBlazing Saddles20:15P88111 May
James Fawcetta3crg20:15P88111 May
Neil Mackleya3crg20:19P88111 May
Kevin BakerAndover Whs20:31P88111 May
Andrew Thomasa3crg20:34P88115 May
Ian PattersonUtag RT20:37P88111 May
Mark StaffordPortsmouth North End CC20:38P88115 May
Julian LockwoodPrimera-Teamjobs20:39P88111 May
Evan Jardine-SkinnerSotonia CC20:46P88111 May
Andy SmithVC St Raphael20:48P88115 May
James HortonVC St Raphael20:53P451/1021 Apr
Nigel PrattAndover Whs20:54P88111 May
Graham HarmanSotonia CC20:55P88115 May
Phil WilksSotonia CC20:56P88111 May
Sam WadsleyPrimera-Teamjobs20:57P31119 Apr
James DickTri Team Wessex21:02P88115 May
Rhys ThomasUniversity of Southampton RC21:02P88111 May
Liam SomervilleBike Jockey CC21:05P88115 May
Chris TomsettJAM CRT21:07P88115 May
Martin AndrewsVC Venta21:08P88115 May
Kit WalkerCC Weymouth21:16P451/1021 Apr
Tony GreenNew Forest CC21:24P16418 May
James AytonPortsmouth North End CC21:25P88115 May
Frank KilsbyVC St Raphael21:28P16418 May
Nick JonesBournemouth Jubilee Whs21:30P451/1021 Apr
Perry LeeSouthdown Velo21:33P88115 May
Paul LockyerNew Forest CC21:34P31119 Apr
Vaughan MarrisFareham Whs21:36P88111 May
Shaun SmartSouthdown Velo21:37P88115 May
Henry SalmonUniversity of Southampton RC21:38P88111 May
Julian MiddlewickHampshire RC21:38P88111 May
Gary FerrettHampshire RC21:39P88115 May
Ben HoustonJAM CRT21:41P88111 May
Darren OrchardMud Sweat & Gears CC21:41P451/1021 Apr
Steven PinkPoole Whs21:45P31119 Apr
Billy Holmana3crg21:47P88115 May
Tom StockerBournemouth Jubilee Whs21:50P451/1021 Apr
Peter LynkBournemouth Jubilee Whs21:51P88111 May
Peter HattVC St Raphael21:58P88111 May
Stuart PeckhamNew Forest CC22:00P88111 May
Adrian TalleyPortsmouth North End CC22:02P88111 May
William GraingerAndover Whs22:02P88115 May
Luke RendellPoole Whs22:05P451/1021 Apr
Jerry Bromyarda3crg22:09P88115 May
David WellsPetersfield Tri Club22:11P88115 May
Michael StevensFareham Whs22:13P88115 May
Dan MurphyCC Weymouth22:17P451/1021 Apr
Brendan ReeseArmy Cycling22:22P31119 Apr
Alex RiceSouthdown Velo22:30P88111 May
Craig WestonPoole Whs22:33P88111 May
Nick BarksPoole Whs22:36P31119 Apr
Jack MartinVC Venta22:37P31119 Apr
Ray ClaridgeNew Forest CC22:51P16418 May
Neil LangleyHampshire RC22:52P88111 May
Jason GaultPrimera-Teamjobs22:53P31119 Apr
Martin BealeVC St Raphael22:54P88111 May
Steve SkinnerBognor Regis CC22:55P88115 May
Nigel SignFareham Whs22:56P451/1021 Apr
Derek DowdenHampshire RC22:59P88115 May
Bryce RiglarCC Weymouth23:00P451/1021 Apr
Colin BrumbleCC Weymouth23:00P451/1021 Apr
David Shepherda3crg23:03P829/A30 Mar
Stuart ThompsonVC St Raphael23:03P88111 May
Drew Hosiea3crg23:06P16418 May
David ButtCC Weymouth23:08P16418 May
Thomas EptonUniversity of Southampton RC23:08P16418 May
Mike WilliamsPoole Whs23:08P31119 Apr
Robert CharlesBlazing Saddles23:12P88111 May
Ed SlotSotonia CC23:14P829/A30 Mar
Leighton SmithPoole Whs23:15P31119 Apr
Robert Pretoriusa3crg23:20P88115 May
Sam Clarki-team.cc23:20P8862 Mar
Nick FrewinBournemouth Jubilee Whs23:21P31119 Apr
Mathew WhiteCC Weymouth23:21P451/1021 Apr
Danny TonkinRC Ravenna23:22P829/A30 Mar
Phillip ScrivenBournemouth Jubilee Whs23:28P31119 Apr
Mike Garnera3crg23:29P88111 May
Alan DoneyPortsmouth Triathletes23:31P88115 May
Gary ChivertonBournemouth Jubilee Whs23:32P88111 May
Richard PorterCC Weymouth23:36P31119 Apr
Paul MorrisFareham Whs23:39P829/A30 Mar
Aran StantonVC St Raphael23:44P31119 Apr
Simon WestAndover Whs23:48P31119 Apr
John DowdingSalisbury Tri Club23:50P31119 Apr
Clint OliverWightlink / WightMountain RT23:53P8862 Mar
Terry IckeCC Weymouth23:53P451/1021 Apr
Richard WyethTornado Road CC24:03P16418 May
Dale BuckettBike Jockey CC24:13P88115 May
Jon DudleySotonia CC24:14P16418 May
Ian TurnerTornado Road CC24:19P31119 Apr
Thom HaywardVC Venta24:23P829/A30 Mar
Ian DiaperBournemouth Jubilee Whs24:32P31119 Apr
Jonathan LaceySouthdown Velo24:33P88111 May
Darren LyonsVC Venta24:39P829/A30 Mar
Mark ValentinePoole Whs24:40P33717 Mar
Jamie FranklinVC Venta24:41P829/A30 Mar
Oliver CoomberZoom Tri Club24:42P31119 Apr
Matt Harrisa3crg24:47P829/A30 Mar
Pete WilsonBournemouth Arrow CC24:47P16418 May
Lewis StrippMud Sweat & Gears CC24:48P451/1021 Apr
James Garnera3crg24:49P829/A30 Mar
Thomas PiloniBournemouth Jubilee Whs24:49P33717 Mar
Darryl RiceRC Ravenna24:52P829/A30 Mar
Chris SimpsonBournemouth Jubilee Whs24:54P31119 Apr
Richard HamiltonSarum Velo24:57P8862 Mar
Robert OliverFareham Whs25:02P88115 May
Nicolas IrelandCC Weymouth25:05P451/1021 Apr
Rupert SilmanBournemouth Jubilee Whs25:05P31119 Apr
Chris McGuireHampshire RC25:08P88111 May
Mitchell WebberAndover Whs25:09P33717 Mar
Matt BlytheBournemouth Arrow CC25:10P31119 Apr
Mark HillFareham Whs25:12P16418 May
Mark HardwickeBournemouth Arrow CC25:14P31119 Apr
Stuart GraceGA Cycles25:17P16418 May
Mike Boycea3crg25:21P16418 May
Stephen SkinnerVC St Raphael25:27P16418 May
Pete CarterPoole Whs25:32P31119 Apr
Gareth SmithSouthdown Velo25:34P829/A30 Mar
Robert CranstoneGS Vecchi25:35P829/A30 Mar
Jamie WhitcherBournemouth Cycleworks25:45P33717 Mar
Peter KnipeFareham Whs25:47P88111 May
Philip Petersa3crg25:47P8862 Mar
Ian HaydenTornado Road CC25:51P16418 May
Colin DixonPortsdown Hill CC25:54P829/A30 Mar
Adrian WatkinsTornado Road CC25:55P451/1021 Apr
Gary TrudgettPoole Whs25:56P31119 Apr
Anthony Tugwella3crg25:59P829/A30 Mar
Martin ReederBournemouth Jubilee Whs26:00P31119 Apr
Jeremy HubbardHargroves Cycles CC26:01P33717 Mar
Chris BirchHoops Velo26:10P8862 Mar
Jonathan LeggSotonia CC26:10P16418 May
Matt LaishleyPoole Whs26:10P31119 Apr
Mike NaullsVC Venta26:11P33717 Mar
Neil DybleBournemouth Arrow CC26:11P16418 May
David LugtonPortsdown Hill CC26:12P829/A30 Mar
Gareth RoseBournemouth Arrow CC26:16P31119 Apr
Colin MooneyPortsdown Hill CC26:23P829/A30 Mar
Stuart MartingaleSotonia CC26:23P8862 Mar
Darryl Barra3crg26:24P829/A30 Mar
Terry BelbinPoole Whs26:27P451/1021 Apr
Joey BlytheBournemouth Arrow CC26:28P31119 Apr
Callum HolmesAndover Whs26:29P31119 Apr
Paul BeckHampshire RC26:41P88111 May
David WestSalisbury Road & Mountain CC26:45P33717 Mar
Bill SimmonsChristchurch BC26:50P16418 May
Chris WilsonBournemouth Cycleworks26:52P33717 Mar
Neil AdlemAndover Whs26:54P33717 Mar
Joshua LahiriPortsdown Hill CC26:56P829/A30 Mar
Patrick Brennana3crg27:02P829/A30 Mar
Bob JolliffeNew Forest CC27:03P88111 May
Tom BandyPortsdown Hill CC27:07P829/A30 Mar
Chris SummersSotonia CC27:11P88111 May
Tim HiggsVC Venta27:15P829/A30 Mar
Ken Raysona3crg27:23P88115 May
Paul FureyPoole Whs27:26P31119 Apr
Rob JonesZoom Tri Club27:27P31119 Apr
Mat JessopTornado Road CC27:43P31119 Apr
Rory PlewesPetersfield Tri Club27:46P8862 Mar
Guy Chappellea3crg28:02P88111 May
Martin Balk3C Cyclexperience28:13P16418 May
Mike NoadBayside Tri Club28:15P829/A30 Mar
Matthew PuddickPortsmouth North End CC28:17P8862 Mar
Joshua WhiteFareham Whs28:28P829/A30 Mar
Richard Nealea3crg28:32P8862 Mar
Paul Longmana3crg28:33P829/A30 Mar
Tony HamiltonSalisbury Road & Mountain CC28:36P33717 Mar
Keith WebbSouthdown Velo28:38P829/A30 Mar
Norman HarveySotonia CC28:47P88111 May
Mike AndersonCC Moncontourais28:56P829/A30 Mar
Leighton JonesPetersfield Tri Club29:00P829/A30 Mar
Daniel ByePortsdown Hill CC29:17P829/A30 Mar
Richard SmithVC Venta29:28P8862 Mar
Adrian ScanlanFareham Whs29:33P829/A30 Mar
Mike MarchantSouthdown Velo29:59P8862 Mar
Tom WarrenPortsmouth North End CC30:01P829/A30 Mar
James HopsonBayside Tri Club30:05P8862 Mar
John O`BrienBournemouth Jubilee Whs30:18P31119 Apr
Peter Walkera3crg30:42P8862 Mar
Bruce TandyFareham Whs30:54P829/A30 Mar
Brian HygateFareham Whs31:07P88111 May
Simon Craig-McFeelya3crg31:16P8862 Mar
Phil MorrisFareham Whs36:10P31119 Apr
Barrington DayFareham Whs41:07P829/A30 Mar

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