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25 May 2018

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Best 25-mile Times
Women 2018

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The fastest 25-mile rides by members of South DC clubs on South DC courses.
during 2018

Angela Carpentera3crg58:48P612/2513 May
Louisa CooperBournemouth Jubilee Whs1:02:56P413/2529 Apr
Rebecca StubbsSotonia CC1:03:23P413/2529 Apr
Michelle WalterBournemouth Arrow CC1:06:55P612/2513 May
Angela BurnikellSotonia CC1:08:23P413/2529 Apr
Lili McLeanAndover Whs1:10:10P612/2513 May
Bridget CollobyAndover Whs1:13:57P612/2513 May
Claire ForbesAndover Whs1:14:06P612/2513 May
Jenny AstallSouthampton Tri Club1:15:11P413/2529 Apr
Catherine PascoeNew Forest CC1:16:44P413/2529 Apr
Donna LovelockIRIS RT1:17:05P413/2529 Apr
Sonia RushbySouthampton Tri Club1:18:33P413/2529 Apr

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