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Best 10-mile Times
Women 2018

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The fastest 10 mile rides by members of South DC clubs on South DC courses.
during 2018

Angela Carpentera3crg21:43P88123 May
Faye FaberBike Jockey CC21:47P88123 May
Sarah Matthewsa3crg22:37P8819 May
Kelly StokesPortsmouth Triathletes23:02P8819 May
Kirsty McSeveneyFareham Whs23:16P8819 May
Louisa CooperBournemouth Jubilee Whs23:32P41520 May
Hollie DowlingWight Cycle Hire Visit Isle of Wight RT23:42P8819 May
Naomi ShinkinsBournemouth Cycleworks23:54P41520 May
Emma NeedhamCC Weymouth24:12P41520 May
Jennifer Lemen-HogarthVC St Raphael24:13P41520 May
Zoe Taylora3crg24:24P88123 May
Gail BrownPoole Whs24:29P41520 May
Eva Nyirendaa3crg24:42P8819 May
Alison FordGS Vecchi24:57P88123 May
Michelle WalterBournemouth Arrow CC25:09P41520 May
Simone Mitchella3crg25:10P88624 Mar
Lucy MitchellPetersfield Tri Club25:12P88123 May
Freya RichardsonPortsmouth North End CC25:33P8819 May
Lauren BishopPoole Whs25:33P41520 May
Courtney EdmondsBike Jockey CC25:59P015A/1017 May
Stephanie LewarsPoole Whs26:15P41520 May
Caitlin Petersi-team.cc26:47P829/A31 Mar
Rachael LamontHampshire RC27:00P8819 May
Deanna FerrettHampshire RC27:03P88123 May
Izzy BrickellFareham Whs27:35P829/A31 Mar
Ellie RendellPoole Whs27:51P41520 May
Deborah SmithSouthdown Velo28:49P829/A31 Mar
Suzy RussellTeamSpy28:58P015A/1017 May
Mandy WomackTeamSpy29:18P015A/1017 May
Sophie NolanWight Cycle Hire Visit Isle of Wight RT30:12P015A/1017 May
Kym HarveyFareham Whs31:07P829/A31 Mar
Lizzie GerardSouthdown Velo31:07P829/A31 Mar

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