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29 January 2016

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New sporting courses competition for the 2016 season

CTT South DC is pleased to launch a new competition within the South DC area aimed at encouraging clubs to help fill our calendar with new 'sporting' type events away from major roads and to encourage increased participation in open events within the District. This year's competition is based on some of the District's well establish events augmented by a number of innovative new events promoted by member clubs for the first time this season. The South DC Sporting tt Series is a competition that is open to all first claim members of South DC affiliated clubs. There is no need to register for the competition as any qualifying ride by a member of a South DC affiliated clubs will automatically be recorded.

The season long competition consists of seventeen sporting events from February until October; you will be awarded points based on your position in that event, 150 points for first place, down to 1 point for 150th place. The competition is decided on your highest scores from 12 qualifying events plus all bonus points.

Starting at 150 points for the winner, and reducing by 1 point per position, means the fewer riders there are, the more points you can get. Any number of events can be ridden as your best placing in each event will automatically count towards the competition. We will subtract your lower scores once you pass twelve events. Times are of no consequence (except for team position) as it's your position in the final result on the day that counts.

Bonus Points for Category Positions

Team Points: 1st Team 10 points, 2nd 8 points, 3rd 6 points, 4th 4 points, 5th Team 2 points. The Team position is based on the fastest time of three members of the same team. However all members of the placed team will qualify for the points.

Women's Points: 1st Woman 20 points, 2nd 18 points, 3rd 15 points, 4th 12 points, 5th 10 points, 6th 8 points, 7th 6 points & 8th placed woman 4 points. Junior Points: 1st Junior 15 points, 2nd 12 points, 3rd 10 points, 4th 8 points, 5th 6 points, 6th 4 points & 7th placed Junior 2 points. All Bonus Points earned during the Competition will count in the final total.

A new website www.sportingtt.co.uk is to be set up in order that riders can monitor their progress through the season.

Any questions about the competition should be directed to the Competition Coordinator, Dave Collard-Berry via email.