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7 October 2017

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P829a course map
Course NumberP829a
Distance10 Miles
Route SummaryHundred Acres - Southwick Hill - Wickham
Course Record21:29
Gary Chambers
2 April 2016
Usual HeadquartersWickham
Facilities Available 
Ordnance SurveyMap Nos. 185 & 196
Start: SU592109
Finish: SU585112

Full Course Description

START at Mellish Bottom at Farm shop in layby on B2177.
Proceed East to Staple crossroads.
Continue on to Southwick rbt, carry straight on B2177 up Southwick Hill towards Portsmouth to turn at roundabout junction with James Callaghan Drive (GR 648066) (Portsdown Roundabout) 4.633 miles.
Retrace to Southwick rbt passing through start, to
FINISH at Holts Mead in line with TP134 0.375 miles west of start

Risk Assessment

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