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28 June 2006

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P435 course map
Course NumberP435
Route SummaryGallows Hill - Wool - Worgret - Norden - Worgret - Wool - Worgret (A352/A351)
Course Record55:33
Max Baldock
25 June 2006
Usual HeadquartersBere Regis
Facilities AvailableLayby
Ordnance SurveyMap Nos. 194 & 195

Full Course Description

START at Gallows Hill, on the Bere regis to Wool road, at the end of the kerbstones on the slip road from Old Puddletown Road towards Wool.
Proceed south to Wool roundabout (2.045m)
Left on A352 eastbound to Worget roundabout (6.185m)
Right (3rd exit) on A351 to Norden roundabout (10.264m).
Circle and retrace on A351 to Worget roundabout (13.956).
Left on A352 westbound to Wool roundabout (18.289m) Circle and retrace on A352 eastbound to Worgret junction (21.618m)
Sharp left (great care) on Old Puddletown Road to
FINISH opposite first sign "Tank Turning Area", approx 1 mile short of start.

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