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P333 course map
Course NumberP333
Distance32 miles
Route SummaryCircuit of New Forest
Course Record1:11:15
Steve Whitewick
29 May 2011
Usual HeadquartersNew Milton Scout Hut
Caird Avenue
Facilities AvailableCar park
Changing Facilities
Ordnance SurveyMap Nos. 195 & 196
Start: 251944
Finish: 230940

Full Course Description

START in Caird Avenue, new Milton, opposite Scout Hut.
Turn left, immediately onto A337 and proceed east to Lymington.
At the Lymington one-way system get into right hand lane (towards town centre).
Turn right, giving way to traffic on left (5.3m).
Proceed down Queen Street and High Street.
At the bottom of the hill turn left (CARE).
Continue along Gosport Street for 400m to mini-roundabout, where turn right (2nd exit).
Continue over level crossing and river bridge and bear left on B3054.
Proceed to Hatchet Pond.
At junction with B3055 (10.8m) give way and turn right to Beaulieu where continue straight on at B3054/B3056 junction.
Proceed along B3056 to junction with A35 at Lyndhurst (19m).
Turn left along High Street where turn left again - one-way traffic.
Take right hand lane to Goose Green, go straight on then turn left again to rejoin A35 (20m).
Continue along A35 to crossroads at the Cat and Fiddle pub (30.3m), where turn left through Walkford to RBT where left to
FINISH beside Fawcetts Field on the A337 (32.3m)

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