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P303 course map
Course NumberP303
Distance10 miles
Route SummaryKingston - B3347 - Sopley - Bransgore - North Kingston
Course Record21:43
Ray Hughes
19 October 2002
Usual HeadquartersNorth Kingston
Facilities AvailableGrass verge
Ordnance SurveyMap No. 195
Start: 154035
Finish: 164032

Full Course Description

START at drain at end of gravel layby opposite Elim Cottage approx. 100 yds north of Ringwood sign on B3347.
Proceed south to Sopley one-way system where LEFT (4.5m) into Derrit Lane to Bransgore (6.4m).
Turn left (CARE - Give Way) on unclassified road from Bransgore to North Kingston.
Proceed towards Crow TAKING CARE at right turn (sp Burley 5) to
FINISH opposite farm gate 20yds before TP8.

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