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11 June 2024

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Best 10-mile Times
Women 2024

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The fastest 10 mile rides by members of South DC clubs on South DC courses.
during 2024

Sarah Matthewsa3crg23:44P91722 May
Ruth Whiddetta3crg24:50P91722 May
Lucy Mitchella3crg25:31P91722 May
Kym Harveya3crg25:44P91722 May
Kirsty McSeveneya3crg25:49P3112 Jun
Sien Van Der PlankNew Forest CC25:56P9178 May
Deborah SmithSouthdown Velo26:04P91722 May
Deborah Sheridana3crg26:13P91722 May
Annie DixeyVC Venta26:20P9178 May
Rachel ClayGS Vecchi26:34P91722 May
Christina Dovea3crg26:49P91722 May
Beverley HardsNew Forest CC27:35P3112 Jun
Helen MeighSotonia CC27:45P91722 May
Ella-May HardsNew Forest CC27:47P3112 Jun
Rowena RogersPetersfield Tri Club28:21P9178 May
Janine PattisonZoom Tri Club28:49P3112 Jun
Ciani FoulkesPetersfield Tri Club31:44P9178 May
Nicola PlewesPetersfield Tri Club31:55P9178 May

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