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11 June 2024

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Cycling Time Trials


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Juniors 2024

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The fastest rides by Junior members of South DC clubs on South DC courses.
during 2024

10 miles

Alexander MurphyVC Venta20:17P91722 May
Bobby BuenfeldVC Venta20:32P9178 May
Hamish HunterVC Venta20:58P9178 May
Samuel HughesVC Venta22:52P9178 May
Peter SparrowPoole Whs24:49P3112 Jun
Stanley WilkesChichester Tri Club26:23P91722 May
Thomas KnightChichester Tri Club30:37P9178 May
Freddie GayChichester Tri Club30:41P91722 May

25 miles

Peter SparrowPoole Whs59:41P413/2519 May
Robert FallPoole Whs1:01:31P413/2519 May

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