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Best 25-mile Times
Men 2023

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The fastest 25-mile rides by members of South DC clubs on South DC courses.
during 2023

Jamie WhitcherBournemouth Cycleworks47:39P881/2524 Sep
Jordan GilesPrimera-Teamjobs48:57P881/2524 Sep
Howard BayleyBlazing Saddles50:29P881/2521 May
Sam WadsleyPrimera-Teamjobs51:05P41314 May
Tom ClementsWessex RC51:27P41314 May
Paul JonesPrimera-Teamjobs51:32P881/2524 Sep
Neil Mackleya3crg51:47P881/2524 Sep
Peter YounghusbandPetersfield Tri Club52:13P881/2524 Sep
Andy RivettVC St Raphael52:56P881/2524 Sep
Steven PinkPoole Whs53:02P881/2524 Sep
Larry WiltshireChichester City Riders53:11P881/2521 May
Ashley NewmanPrimera-Teamjobs54:25P41314 May
Adrian TalleyVC St Raphael54:28P881/2524 Sep
Nigel PrattVC St Raphael54:52P881/2524 Sep
Alex RowlingPoole Whs55:17P41314 May
Mark ValentinePoole Whs55:19P41314 May
Simon BerognaVC St Raphael55:25P41314 May
Joshua LahiriPortsdown Hill CC55:37P881/2521 May
Gary LockNew Forest CC56:15P881/2521 May
James HortonWessex RC56:22P41314 May
Mick St Legera3crg56:51P41314 May
Shaun SmartSouthdown Velo56:51P881/2524 Sep
Alasdair HitchenPoole Whs57:33P41314 May
William SawyerVC St Raphael57:33P881/2524 Sep
Malcolm CoxVC St Raphael57:38P881/2524 Sep
Will GoddardSotonia CC58:03P881/2521 May
Paul MartinNAUT Cycling58:07P881/2524 Sep
Graham HarmanSotonia CC58:48P881/2524 Sep
Oliver HitchingsVC Venta58:54P881/2524 Sep
Noah Miller-PipePoole Whs59:02P41314 May
Ian HillBournemouth Jubilee Whs59:10P41314 May
Jimmy McKayPoole Whs59:19P41314 May
Stuart PeckhamVC St Raphael59:37P881/2524 Sep
Ian Sherin3C Cycle Club1:00:21P881/2521 May
Matt BlythePoole Whs1:00:22P41314 May
Rufus KingPoole Whs1:00:22P41314 May
Ed SlotSotonia CC1:00:27P821/2530 Jul
Stuart ThompsonVC St Raphael1:00:43P881/2521 May
Jon DudleySotonia CC1:00:57P881/2524 Sep
James AytonPortsmouth North End CC1:01:00P821/2530 Jul
Dorin BoeriuRidgeway Riders1:01:27P41314 May
Rupert SilmanBournemouth Jubilee Whs1:01:38P41314 May
Andy SmithVC St Raphael1:01:53P821/2530 Jul
Gary TuskinPoole Whs1:01:58P881/2524 Sep
Lee ChalkPoole Whs1:02:05P41314 May
Colin BrumbleCC Weymouth1:02:07P41314 May
Martin BealeVC St Raphael1:02:14P881/2524 Sep
James RowatPoole Whs1:02:28P41314 May
Peter PerrinBournemouth Arrow CC1:03:09P41314 May
Steve SkinnerSouthdown Velo1:03:20P881/2521 May
Les PickPoole Whs1:04:05P41314 May
Stephen SkinnerVC St Raphael1:04:17P41314 May
Gary ChivertonBournemouth Jubilee Whs1:04:18P881/2521 May
Ben AnsellPoole Whs1:05:12P41314 May
Martin CracknellArmy Cycling1:05:20P41314 May
Robert FordPortsmouth North End CC1:05:26P821/2530 Jul
Dylan McHughPoole Whs1:05:41P41314 May
George TerryPoole Whs1:05:50P41314 May
Simon HallCrabwood CC1:05:53P41314 May
Mike Boycea3crg1:06:10P41314 May
Gareth RoseBournemouth Arrow CC1:06:56P41314 May
Mike Garnera3crg1:07:30P881/2521 May
Mike SpeakmanPortsmouth North End CC1:08:23P821/2530 Jul
Bill SimmonsChristchurch BC1:08:31P41314 May
Alex CassarPetersfield Tri Club1:08:53P821/2530 Jul
Terry BelbinPoole Whs1:09:04P41314 May
Nigel Greenfielda3crg1:09:07P881/2521 May
Simon Craig-McFeelya3crg1:10:27P881/2521 May
Paul BrownBournemouth Jubilee Whs1:10:45P41314 May
Dave EnglandCrabwood CC1:14:12P881/2521 May
Alan DoneyPortsmouth North End CC1:14:20P881/2521 May
Mike MarchantSouthdown Velo1:14:57P881/2521 May
Chris SummersSotonia CC1:15:09P881/2521 May
Steve WillcocksPortsmouth North End CC1:15:30P821/2530 Jul
Peter MacLellanPortsmouth North End CC1:24:50P821/2530 Jul
Chris JonesCC Weymouth1:35:12P821/2530 Jul

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