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13 October 2023

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Juniors 2023

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The fastest rides by Junior members of South DC clubs on South DC courses.
during 2023

10 miles

Bobby BuenfeldBoost Bike Hub RC20:01P917/109 Aug
Oliver GillPoole Whs20:09P8819 Jul
Matthew GilmourVC Venta20:19P917/1024 May
Alexander MurphyVC Venta20:43P917/103 May
Oscar LawrenceVC Venta22:04P917/103 May
Ewan CookWightlink / WightMountain RT22:08P917/101 Jul
Rufus KingPoole Whs22:08P41518 Jun
Samuel HughesVC Venta22:38P917/1010 Jun
Alistair GardnerVC Venta22:39P12824 Sep
Hamish HunterVC Venta23:01P12824 Sep
Billy WilliamsNAUT Cycling23:02P881/1028 Aug
George TerryPoole Whs25:03P41518 Jun
Lucas LovellPortsmouth North End CC26:00P917/1024 May
Charlie ShepherdSolent Pirates Youth CC26:53P16425 Jun
Micah WilliamsChichester Tri Club26:57P917/1019 Jul
Stanley WilkesChichester Tri Club27:29P917/109 Aug
George ConnellSotonia CC28:41P16425 Jun
Robert FallPoole Whs28:43P412/1017 Sep
Louie ArnoldChichester Tri Club28:53P917/1019 Jul
Oliver ClayPetersfield Tri Club29:23P917/1024 May
Samuel RidgmentSotonia CC30:10P16425 Jun
Benjamin JenkinsonChichester Tri Club30:18P917/1019 Jul
Isaac HodgsonChichester Tri Club31:24P917/1019 Jul
Rhys BakerChichester Tri Club31:59P917/1019 Jul
James Mitchella3crg34:09P917/101 Jul
Grace UpshallPoole Whs25:30P917/101 Jul
Skye MartingaleSotonia CC27:03P917/1010 Jun
Emma HarrisonSotonia CC32:10P16425 Jun
Ella RidgmentSotonia CC34:39P16425 Jun
Jaya MartingaleSotonia CC37:13P917/101 Jul

25 miles

Rufus KingPoole Whs1:00:22P41314 May
George TerryPoole Whs1:05:50P41314 May

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