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Points Competition Rules

Effective from 2020

1.Name of the Competition
The Competition shall be called the CTT South DC points competition (“The Competition”).
2.Qualifying events
All open, semi-open and association events published in the CTT handbook and held between 1st January and 31st October on ‘P’ courses shall be qualifying events.
3.Eligible performances
The competition shall be decided upon by points gained by first claim riders of clubs or teams affiliated to the CTT South DC (“eligible riders”) in qualifying events.
4.Awarding of Points
Points will be awarded in each qualifying event. The winner of an event will be allocated points equal to the number of finishers in that event. The second placed rider will be allocated points equal to the number of finishers in that event minus one and so on with the last placed rider allocated 1 point. The positions of non-eligible riders will be included when allocating points.
The actual formula used in calculating points is: Number of Finishers + 1 – Placing
5.Number of events
Any number of events may be ridden. All points gained by eligible riders in qualifying events shall be counted.
Placings in each qualifying event will be taken from the times on the official result sheet. If a result sheet of a qualifying event is not received in accordance with CTT Regulation 27j then that event may, at the discretion of the South DC committee, be excluded from the competition.
Awards will only be made to eligible riders who are first claim members of clubs or teams that have promoted open events during the year. (Note this also applies to all other South DC Competitions)
Awards in the form of Perpetual Trophies shall be made to the highest placed riders in the following categories:
(these awards are dependent upon donation of sufficient trophies)
Any eligible rider.
Any female eligible rider.
Any eligible rider who has ridden as a Junior (age under 18 on 1st January) in a qualifying event during the year to 31st October.
Any who has ridden as a Juvenile (age under 16) in a qualifying event during the year to 31st October.
Any eligible rider who has ridden as a veteran (age 40+) in a qualifying event during the year to 31st October.
The aggregate points of the three highest scoring riders from each club or team. Riders who perform in the name of more than one first claim club or team during the year shall be excluded from the team competition.
7.7.Riders will be placed in the above categories based on the information on the start and result sheets of qualifying events. The onus shall be on the rider to notify the competition organiser of any error or omission relating to any of their performances on a start or result sheet. Such notification must be received by 30th November.
Certificates may be awarded to any eligible rider indication their placing in any category of The Competition. Such certificates will issued to the top 10 riders in each category (except team).
8.Publication of Competition Tables
The final result tables will be compiled within 6 weeks following the final qualifying event and will be published on the South DC website.