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22 April 2022

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Best 10-mile Times
Women 2022

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The fastest 10 mile rides by members of South DC clubs on South DC courses.
during 2022

Marianne HoltFareham Whs22:39P881/1015 Apr
Lilly ChantSouthampton University RCC22:45P31115 Apr
Sarah Matthewsa3crg23:04P881/1015 Apr
Kirsty McSeveneya3crg23:25P881/1015 Apr
Lucy Mitchella3crg24:08P881/1015 Apr
Virginia McGeea3crg24:32P881/1015 Apr
Emma O`TooleDHC (Dist Of Hamwic Cyclesport)24:52P31115 Apr
Emma CaplanBournemouth Jubilee Whs25:03P31115 Apr
Lindsay BealeCC Weymouth28:39P45117 Apr
Natasha Cooper-SmithTornado Road CC28:47P31115 Apr
Janine PattisonPoole Whs29:04P31115 Apr
Beverley HardsNew Forest CC29:09P45117 Apr
Mary CorbettSotonia CC30:22P881/1015 Apr
Molly SladeSouthampton University RCC30:33P31115 Apr
Michelle LindleyCC Weymouth44:21P45117 Apr

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