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8 April 2021

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Cycling Time Trials


Best 10-mile Times
Men 2021

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The fastest 10 mile rides by members of South DC clubs on South DC courses.
during 2021

Sam WadsleyPrimera-Teamjobs20:53P4514 Apr
Andy SloanCC Weymouth21:08P4514 Apr
George SkinnerPrimera-Teamjobs21:09P4514 Apr
Jamie WhitcherBournemouth Cycleworks21:17P4514 Apr
Steven PinkPoole Whs21:54P4514 Apr
Oliver HurdleSouthampton University RC22:01P4514 Apr
Jonathan CooperWessex RC22:12P4514 Apr
Jordan GilesSouthampton University RC22:19P4514 Apr
Tom ClementsWessex RC22:42P4514 Apr
Bob RichardsonBournemouth Jubilee Whs23:07P4514 Apr
Aaron KneeboneBournemouth Jubilee Whs23:20P4514 Apr
Julian LockwoodPrimera-Teamjobs23:22P4514 Apr
James HortonVC St Raphael23:25P4514 Apr
Thomas PiloniPoole Whs23:27P4514 Apr
Tom CarterWessex RC23:48P4514 Apr
David ButtCC Weymouth23:52P4514 Apr
Colin BrumbleCC Weymouth24:15P4514 Apr
Toby ManningWessex RC24:27P4514 Apr
Barry HardsNew Forest CC24:49P4514 Apr
Charlie LawsonCC Weymouth24:53P4514 Apr
Robert CranstoneGS Vecchi24:55P4514 Apr
Sherif AttiaSouthampton University RC24:57P4514 Apr
Stuart PeckhamVC St Raphael25:34P4514 Apr
Dorin BoeriuRidgeway Riders25:36P4514 Apr
Robin BirnieWessex RC26:16P4514 Apr
Peter HoneybunCC Weymouth26:54P4514 Apr
Pete WilsonBournemouth Arrow CC27:00P4514 Apr
Stuart ThompsonVC St Raphael27:10P4514 Apr
Terry IckeVC St Raphael27:20P4514 Apr
Gary ChivertonBournemouth Jubilee Whs28:28P4514 Apr
Dave EnglandCrabwood CC29:20P4514 Apr
Bob JolliffeNew Forest CC31:24P4514 Apr
Lee CurtisBournemouth Jubilee Whs35:30P4514 Apr

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