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30 December 2018

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Juniors 2018

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The fastest rides by Junior members of South DC clubs on South DC courses.
during 2018

10 miles

Tom TemplePrimera-Teamjobs19:14P88130 May
Charlie WaltersPrimera-Teamjobs20:28P88130 May
Thomas DayPoole Whs20:50P88111 Jul
Ben FerrisAndover Whs21:02P881R8 Sep
Harry JohnsonFareham Whs21:10P4152 Sep
Matthew Hickmani-team.cc21:19P88314 Aug
Vaughan MarrisFareham Whs21:37P88130 May
Max Doylea3crg21:48P881R8 Sep
Jack MartinBournemouth Arrow CC22:05P4152 Sep
Sam Clarki-team.cc24:30P88624 Mar
Dan ByrnePoole Whs24:41P311/1026 Dec
Oliver NolanWight Cycle Hire RT25:53P015A/1017 May
Jacob SchnabelFareham Whs26:48P829/A31 Mar
Ben ButterworthPoole Whs31:37P33725 Mar
Caitlin Petersi-team.cc22:00P8837 Aug
Freya RichardsonPortsmouth North End CC24:32P88111 Jul
Lucy GaddPoole Whs27:05P33730 Sep
Izzy BrickellFareham Whs27:35P829/A31 Mar
Sophie NolanWight Cycle Hire RT30:12P015A/1017 May

25 miles

Tom TemplePrimera-Teamjobs50:36P881R/254 Aug
Thomas DayPoole Whs54:06P884B4 Jul
Matthew HoulbergPortsmouth North End CC57:46P881/253 Jun
Jack MartinBournemouth Arrow CC58:08P881R/254 Aug
Ben FerrisAndover Whs1:01:02P612/2513 May
Caitlin Petersi-team.cc57:27P884B4 Jul

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