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20 July 2017

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Juniors 2017

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The fastest rides by Junior members of South DC clubs on South DC courses.
during 2017

10 miles

Tom TemplePrimera-Teamjobs19:50P4159 Jul
Charlie WaltersVC Venta20:51P88128 Jun
Vaughan MarrisFareham Whs21:00P901/106 Jul
Joe Clarki-team.co.uk22:20P881R19 Jul
Jacob AriesPrimera-Teamjobs22:30P451/1016 Apr
Jack TrunwittBournemouth Arrow CC24:06P41518 Jun
Jack MartinBournemouth Arrow CC26:07P31114 Apr
Jamie HaycockBournemouth Arrow CC26:40P31114 Apr
Max Doylea3crg26:56P829A1 Apr
Harry ParsonsSotonia CC27:41P1404 Mar
Jacob SchnabelFareham Whs27:57P829A1 Apr
Ben GillPoole Whs29:00P31114 Apr
Scott MorganSolent Pirates Youth CC33:41P829A1 Apr
Caitlin Petersi-team.cc22:37P88128 Jun
Izzy BrickellFareham Whs27:51P829A1 Apr
Molly HaycockBournemouth Arrow CC29:09P31114 Apr

25 miles

Ben FerrisAndover Whs1:02:19P612/2514 May
Caitlin Petersi-team.cc58:49P884B5 Jul

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